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The business continues to thrive on the simple principle that the service we provide matches the customer need. If you are a self employed individual whose only legal requirement is to produce a yearly tax return, then why pay the inflated fees of a chartered accountant?

Being a small business owner, we appreciate you may stuff your receipts in the ashtray of the van, or you write your invoices whilst watching Eastenders, and this is what makes your accountancy requirement unique.

That said, by becoming a sole trader or registering a limited company, it is important to respect your legal responsibility & maintain adequate financial records. Our objective is to simply connect the dots, whilst developing a relationship whereby we can educate you on the process. It isnt rocket science, far from it, but clever accounting using simple processes will not only save you time, give you a better understanding of your finances, but most importantly via substantial tax savings it will put more money in your pocket. Small business owners ourselves, we understand it is not what you earn or comes through the till, it is what you keep.

Gary Ellis Director VW Taxation

Gary Ellis

Director at VW Taxation

I have been working as an accountant since 1991, when I left school and took my first role as a trainee accountant. I worked in private practice for 4 years and then moved to work in industry to gain wider and more varied experience in all aspects of tax and accounting. In 2011, I was offered the opportunity to return to private practice at VW Taxation and became a Director in 2014.

I am very passionate about working in practice, and am strongly motivated in working with small to medium-sized businesses. My priority is to help them be more financially viable and efficient, which in turn will help aid growth.

Outside of work, when not spending time with family and friends, I enjoy travelling, reading and watching live music.

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