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Introducing Gary the Tax

Thanks for reading our new blog… a blog dedicated to Talking Tax.

As famously quoted by Benjamin Franklin, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” and he certainly wasn’t wrong! Not sure who he is or what he did… well there isn’t much he didn’t do; politician, diplomat, inventor… oh and he founded the United States of America… so he most definitely knows what he is talking about.

Accountant and Specialist in Tax

As an Accountant and Specialist in Tax, I get that 90% of the population find tax boring (the 10% who don’t are made up of HMRC, politicians and people like myself!) But it’s a necessary evil which there is no avoiding…. but by getting clued up on the topic you can ensure that you can manage your accounts in a way which will ensure you only pay the tax you should and that when your down the pub ‘Talking Tax’ you can chip in and sound like an expert!

Helping Businesses Across Hampshire & West Sussex

As the local tax expert in Portsmouth, I want to share my knowledge and expertise and will share with you on this blog expert advice and tips on how you need to manage your accounts and tax.

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Gary Ellis | Director | VW Taxation
Gary Ellis | Director | VW Taxation

VW Taxation are self employment tax specialists based in Portsmouth. We specialise in tax accounting for contractors, limited companies and the self-employed.

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