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Tax Return Checklist

At VW Taxation, we pride ourselves on ensuring tax returns are produced quickly and accurately, whilst safely saving tax for our customers. Not only does this result in a smoother process through the HMRC system, but ensuring any tax rebate owed is back in your pocket as quickly as possible.

But knowing what is needed for your tax return, can sometimes be challenging…

To help make this easier and to minimise the risk of any delays on completing and submitting your tax return, we’ve compiled a handy check list for you to print off, work through and attach the relevant information to. This can then all be handed over to us to work on your return.

Download VW Taxation’s ‘Self Employed Paperwork Checklist for Tax Return Completion’ now below.

Self Employed Paperwork Checklist for Tax Return Completion (5)

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Picture of Gary Ellis | Director | VW Taxation
Gary Ellis | Director | VW Taxation

VW Taxation are self employment tax specialists based in Portsmouth. We specialise in tax accounting for contractors, limited companies and the self-employed.

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