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Accountants for Small Businesses

We are a small, friendly team offering small business accounting services throughout Portsmouth and Hampshire. From bookkeeping to tax returns, we can save you precious time, keep you compliant and save you money.

Is it worth getting an accountant for my small business?

As a self-employed small business owner, no doubt your days are jam-packed. If you feel like you have one too many plates spinning, hiring a qualified accountant to take on tasks like monthly bookkeeping can be a godsend.

Sure, there is a cost involved, but it’s worth it when you consider the time, money and effort you will save. Not to mention your sanity!

But it’s not all about convenience and peace of mind. Small business accountants can provide the financial clarity you need to make smarter business decisions, identify operational strengths and weaknesses and grow your company.

Many successful small businesses find that an investment in professional accountancy services actually saves them money in the long term.

If that sounds good to you, contact the experts at VW Taxation today and find out what small business accountants can do for you.

We’re a small, friendly and down-to-earth accountancy firm offering a range of professional tax and accounting services. We believe that all hard-working small business owners deserve access to professional accounting services at a reasonable cost and can provide a tailored service to fulfil your needs with no hidden costs. Get to know us better here.

Benefits of small business accountancy services

Reclaim your time – One of the first things you will benefit from when you hire small business accountants is the time you get back. Time you can plough into your business or spend with your family, instead of reconciling bank accounts and chasing invoices.

Save money – Our team will do more than just submit your tax return; they will actively look for savings to help you keep as much of your profit as possible. If there are tax-deductible business expenses or tax credits to be had, we’ll find them.

Reduce risk – Tax legislation is complicated, so it’s a real comfort to have a professional in your corner who knows their stuff. We can help you avoid penalties for non-compliance and make sure you don’t pay too much tax, either.

Advice on registering as a limited company – If you are currently working as a sole trader, we can guide you on the best time to take on limited company status to make tax savings and reduce your personal risk.

Our small business accountancy services

VW Taxation provides a full range of accounting services for small businesses to help business owners take control of their finances, stay compliant and retain as much profit as possible.

Small businesses we work with

We support all sorts of small business owners in the South of England. Whatever your business structure or industry, we can help you take control of your business finances and achieve greater tax efficiency.

Limited companies – As a limited company owner, you have lots of legal and financial responsibilities to fulfil. As experienced limited company accountants, we can lighten the load and make sure your business stays compliant and tax-efficient.

Sole traders – Being a solo business owner is hard work, and you can feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Working with a sole trader accountant can help you stay on top of your finances and save the energy to run your business.

Landlords – Portsmouth has a healthy rental property market and offers plenty of opportunities to ambitious landlords. We are expert landlord accountants and can help you remain compliant and make tax savings while you grow your portfolio.

Choose VW Taxation for small business accounting

At VW Taxation, we are dedicated to helping small businesses to take control of their finances, stay compliant and save money. Our team of experienced and qualified accountants are highly approachable and can answer all of your finance questions without unnecessary accounting waffle.

We will assign you your own dedicated accountant who will get to know you and your business so they can better anticipate your needs. You can expect a thorough, transparent and proactive accounting service at an affordable price.

We currently serve 800+ small businesses that appreciate our attentive and no-nonsense approach. Many of our clients are happy to recommend us and you can read our reviews here.

If you are moving on from your previous accountant, we can make the transition seamless and pain-free for all involved.


At VW Taxation, we firmly believe that small business accounting should be accessible and affordable. We offer three simple price structures based on your business structure, from £250+VAT per month. Don't forget - accounting services are tax deductible, another reason why they represent great value for money.

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